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Nikmatin film-film yang kami sajikan :(

Tai Chi Hero (2021)

Year: Duration: 88 MinView: 687 views

In the late Yuan Dynasty, a mysterious group named Xiuluomu claimed that they had the Baji Black Box, the most valuable treasure in the martial arts world. They invited top martial artists to attend the martial arts assembly. In fact, with a secretly made poison, they turned the martial artists into half-human and half-beast creatures, making them work for them. Zhang Sanfeng wanted to show up their evil plot, but was attacked by the creatures. Luckily, he was saved by Taoist Qiu. However, Bai Qingqing fell off a cliff because of protecting the Baji Black Box. On the way to look for Bai, Zhang Sanfeng got to know the secret of the Box and found Bai who had lost her memory. At this time, Xiuluomu secretly abducted Bai and forced Zhang Sanfeng to hand the Box over to them. Zhang Sanfeng was caught in a dilemma.


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